DomoBuilder is a system aimed at abstracting hardware (electronics) and software (applications, systems) tools, allowing to integrate them within the same application so as to build new devices with new behaviors, simplifying the human interaction with them in an easy, intuitive, low cost, and non-invasive way.

Notwithstanding the actual technologies allow us to have systems at our disposal that fulfill the most different needs, their use is often not intuitive and sometimes even more complex than in the past (e.g., the use of the television set is depending today from many decoders, recorders, remote controls, configuration panels more and more rich and less practical). Furthermore, the nature of those devices prevents us from combining them and their functionalities with ease (e.g., generally it is impossible to order the music center to turn on automatically whenever we go back home).

The aim of DomoBuilder is to abstract every kind of information or hardware device in its most general meaning, i.e., every tool that the information and electronic technology make available. Furthermore it centralizes their control, and uniforms their interface, making it simple to interact with them thanks to the integration of special devices explicitly devised to human interface. Finally it allows to connect devices building a more complex and functional system, in which devices can be connected independently from their intrinsic features. DomoBuilder exploits the Morettillo technology.


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  1. […] occupi di monitorare e pilotare altri dispositivi, implementando mediante Mandrone (evoluzione di DomoBuilder), l’intelligenza d’ambiente. I sensori di luminosità, i sensori di movimento, di […]

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